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high risk merchant accounts, high risk credit card processing, & offshore merchant accounts are our specialty!Here's an Overview of our Merchant Account Services

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High risk credit card processing and high risk merchant accounts is our speciialty!

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Tranz 420

The Tranz 420 makes it easy to expand existing applications or add new ones. The slide-in cartridge provides up to 256K of additional RAM -- giving you the power you need to handle larger applications or to add new functions to your existing ones. What's more, the Tranz 420 works where you need it. The built-in battery lets you process up to 200 transactions without AC power. Its also compatible with many of the popular credit card bankcard services including here and here and here. That means you can take it with you anywhere in the world. With an adapter, it even runs on the power supplied by your car battery.

The Tranz 420 supports a PIN pad or a bar code wand. Therefore, you can easily expand your capabilities. You can also add, update, and create applications with minimal effort using the VeriFone programming language designed specially for transaction processing. A versatile transaction system, the Tranz 420 delivers low cost credit card verification and check guarantee. In addition, it performs specialized business functions such as price look-up, negative file storage, draft capture, and inventory control. It is also used in applications that help hospitals, pharmacies, and government agencies determine a person's eligibility for benefits programs.

  • Accepts all major credit, debit, and private-lable cards

  • Provides fast, accurate receipts and reports through its convenient integrated roll printer

  • Gives you additional power to handle larger applications or to store more data files and transactions, through optional RAM cartridges

  • Comes with a built-in battery that allows the system to process up to 200 transactions without AC power

  • Lets you add a PIN pad for debit transactions or a bar code wand for direct entry of encoded information

  • Performs fast application downloads and file transfers

  • Prompts you through each step of a typical transaction with an easy-to-read display

  • Includes all the security and fraud control features required in bank card environments

Power Machine, Compact Size
Occupying less than 6 inches by 6 inches, the Omni 396 packs a powerful combination of features into one space saving package.

The Payment System Of The Future
When you combine these new features with the flexible operating system, the Omni 396 is more than a machine -- it is a convenient and cost-effective way to move into the future of automated transaction systems.

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high risk credit card processing and high risk merchant accounts are our specialty!

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