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high risk merchant accounts, high risk credit card processing, & offshore merchant accounts are our specialty!Here's an Overview of our Merchant Account Services

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High risk credit card processing and high risk merchant accounts is our speciialty!

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The Thales Talento terminal utilizes the most advanced processor in the industry and a printer that is unequaled in reliability. The Talento is the perfect terminal for retail businesses.

The Talento terminal uses an advanced 16 bit microprocessor that allows it to perform multiple tasks at once. The Talento will "pre-dial" your credit card processor and begin to print the receipt before you have even finished entering in all of the transaction information. This can reduce transaction time by as much as 60%.

A large ATM-like display makes terminal operation easy. Simply select the button under the appropriate option on the screen and let the Talento do the rest. Five clearly marked one touch buttons make everyday operations such as reprinting a receipt, printing a report and closing a batch easy.

With it's unmatched speed and reliability, the Talento is one of the few products that has awarded five stars for its performance.

  • Fastest transaction times
  • Reliable printer

  • Easy-to-use design with 5 one-touch buttons

  • Quick load automatic paper feeder

  • Quiet thermal printer

Power Machine, Compact Size
Occupying less than 6 inches by 6 inches, the Omni 396 packs a powerful combination of features into one space saving package.

The Payment System Of The Future
When you combine these new features with the flexible operating system, the Omni 396 is more than a machine -- it is a convenient and cost-effective way to move into the future of automated transaction systems.

We also offer Offshore Banking for International Merchants

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high risk credit card processing and high risk merchant accounts are our specialty!

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