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high risk merchant accounts, high risk credit card processing, & offshore merchant accounts are our specialty!Here's an Overview of our Merchant Account Services

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High risk credit card processing and high risk merchant accounts is our speciialty!

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Omni 3210
An easy-to-use, affordable payment terminal -- with integrated printer and PINpad to handle a full range of transactions.

A bestseller just got better. THe VeriFone Omni 3210 builds on the unprecedented success of VeriFOne's Omni 3200 -- the world's fastest selling e-payment terminal -- by adding an internal PINpad for debit, EBT and other PIN-based transactions.

The Omni 3210 is simply remarkable...and remarkably simple. Simple to use -- with a large graphical display, intuitive ATM-style keypad, extra size menu prompts, integrated thermal printer, triple-track mag-stripe card reader, and SoftPay e-payment software configured for your business, advanced fraud protection features, and the industry's best warranty. Simple to own -- featuring VeriFone's acclaimed reliability, minimal moving parts, and a covered paper path for less downtime and fewer service calls.

The terminal also incorporates tamper-resistant capabilities to limit unauthorized access to the case, and sophisticated security protections that safeguard customer PINs and improve merchant retention. Finally, the Omni 3210 is easy on a merchant's budget and comes with VeriFone's exclusive five-year terminal/one-year printer and swivel stand warranty. We also offer Offshore Banking for International Merchants

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high risk credit card processing and high risk merchant accounts are our specialty!

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